About us

Dear clients,


we are very happy to show you in our shop on-line these collections of leggings, sneakers , sports and travels bags , and accessories .
All have exclusive futuristic designs and graphics.
By wearing them you will immediately be identified as a passionate, independent, modern and active woman comfortable in all circumstance.
We have a priority your plain satisfaction and « bien être ».
There is nothing more pleasant than the sensation of wearing and elegant and well cut clothing, or comfortable sneakers adapted to your sports activity, or even, wearing some fashion accessories made specially for you .

Why creating such a clothing line with this leggings, sneakers and accessories ?

First of all, because the members of our team certainly practice sporting activities in fitness gym our outside in parks or beach edge.

But our real motivation in this process of creation is fundamental idea by being all unique we need a new way of wearing clothes !

We are not clones !!! each person, each personality need to find his own way of living... of getting clothed...

Then we tried to answer graphically to this uniqueness by proposing a new approach of clothing style through bold colors and new graphic.

It gives you straight away that felling of personal « bien être » and happiness and make you more charismatic than even !
Every creation is unique and easily identified by the users ;
5000 copies is the maximum we produce for each item for the world, then we start a new collection.
We are extremely demanding concerning manufacturing standards as the materials used, the design and assembly, the quality control, or even the tracking of the shipping process.
Of course all these actions are executed in the pure respect of human being from the beginning of the process until the packing of your orders.
Progressing together on a better world !
NOVASHION greatly thanks you.
See you soon.
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69260 Charbonniéres Les Bains
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TVA : 69 833 368 632
Phone: 0033 667 084 005
Contact : https://novashion/pages/contact-us